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Of course, if you plan to use your device only for a couple of years then this may not necessarily be an issue. However, if you mean to invest in a device that lasts many years, you may find that if your used item is already hard to get parts for, in ten years time it might really be impossible.

The straight starilift sits flush against the wall side of the staircase, not on the railing side. They may be relatively narrow, which is beneficial as it enables other members in the home to get up and down the stairs with ease. Placed on the wall side also ensures the lift remains stable while supplying anyone else using the stairs the convenience of the hand rail to reduce the risk of trips and falls.

Other things you should check before you buy a second hand stair lift are the general condition of the chair; does it swing out smoothly; does it have a seatbelt - if you have to wear one you'll have the problem of attempting to buy a seatbelt for a version of stair lift that may no longer be made. When it's a battery powered model check that the batteries and charger are in good working order. The same applies to all the controls.

For many people, having a stair lift installed in their home is the opportunity to recover or keep their independence, even though their mobility may be reduced due to age, illness or an injury. Whether the reduced freedom is permanent or temporary, having one of these devices in the home can make an important difference, with many people capable to fully enjoy their property thanks to them.

It's also a good idea to think about installing phones, emergency alarms and intruder alarms at the top and bottom of your stairs, as this can help you if you find yourself stranded up or downstairs in the case your new lift malfunctions.

Finally, you should think about a warranty. If you buy a used version and fit it yourself you won't have any guarantee that it will be safe and work properly. If you buy from a specialist provider then you definitely should get some guarantee about safety and will get after sales support. As stated, there are many reputable suppliers of used stair lifts - you can locate many of them online - and they sell many leading brands like Acorn, Stannah and Bruno stair lifts.

You can find stair lifts for curved stairs that serve in residential and commercial uses. Most of these models are incorporated with advanced features that a conventional straight stair lift cannot offer. The conventional characteristics which are found in the stair chair lifts are: continuous pressure up and down controls at the end of the arms, optional wraparound arms and key locks, automatic detectors, seatbelts, swivel seat cut-off switch, and more. The loading capacity ranges from 275lbs to 350lbs.

Additionally, you will have to consider that installing one of these devices can mean lots of dust is created, so you'll need to be prepared to cover any furniture with dust sheets and perhaps arrange for a professional cleaner to come to your property on the day after the installation has been finished. Additionally you will have to air your property to rid it of dust after the installation.

Furthermore, there's now the choice between buying a brand new device, investing in a second hand one, or even just taking advantage of stairlift rental, which is potentially the most cost effective alternative out of the three on a short term basis. With that said, many people like to own their own stairlift, particularly if they think to get years of use from it.

For many people who invest in stairlifts, buying brand-new apparatus can seem quite expensive and not worth the investment. Some of the top brands can charge anything upwards of £10,000 for a brand new piece of gear with many modern features, and this is stretching the budget too far for many people.

Commercial stair lifts, step lifts, ramps, and other disability-assisted gear are significant for people that have mobility issues, and make browsing a commercial property easier, safer, and more suitable for the elderly and handicapped. Not only does it prevent accidents, it reduces the risk of your company confronting potential injury suits.

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The obvious advantage of stair lifts is to receive a passenger up and down stairs. Sometimes lifts are a necessity and not a luxury.
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